Whether national or international, a transfer is always a challenge for the employee and his family. We do everything we can to ensure that your employees transfers are successful. We not only find a new home, that personally suits your employees, but professionally accompany the challenging moving process. We will be pleased to make you a free offer for your convenience.

*In the following we are specifically referring to the masculine form to improve the readability of our content. However, this information pertains to all genders.

about us

andaswo is a young relocation agency that offers individual relocation services. We take care of private individuals and companies who would like to provide this service to their new employees. Managing director Patrick Roth knows that adapting to a new city can be challenging. However, his own personal experience can help others to also get successfully integrated in their new hometown. Born in Munich and living in the capital of Bavaria for 30 years, he moved to the lower Bavarian town of Landshut. As a well-known realtor in Landshut, he has an extensive network, and knows the most beautiful spots in the city.


Introduction and Orientation Tour

  • Guided tour of surrounding areas
  • Information on places of interest in the local area
  • Overview of the local housing market
  • Information on local childcare facilities, kindergarten and schools
  • Advice and tips on daily living in the new place of residence

Short-term accommodation

  • Short-term accommodation search based on personal needs
  • Reservation/booking of accommodation
  • Accompanied viewing of accommodation
  • Assistance with rental agreement negotiation and contract review
  • Accompanied assistance during handover of accommodation

Settling-in Services

  • Orientation tour through the neighborhood
  • Opening of Bank Accounts
  • Opening of Utilities accounts (water, electricity, gas, internet, telephone)
  • Overview of the required insurances
  • Assistance with the selection of local Medical centers and information on local shopping areas
  • Translation services

Departure services

  • Termination of rental agreements, insurances, memberships, bank accounts and subscriptions
  • Negotiation for the return of rental security deposit
  • Coordination of move
  • Notifying the local government resident registration offices of departure
  • Closure of utilities accounts (water, electricity, gas, internet, telephone)
  • Mail forwarding service
  • Organisation of any required repairs to rental home prior to departure
  • Review of rental home repairs and invoices for required work

Moving services

  • Estimation of required moving work and costs
  • Support with required documentation
  • Complete coordination of transport, packing, customs duties and delivery
  • Support in case of any damages

Visa preparations and immigration services

  • Visa applications
  • Registrations at local government resident registration offices
  • Translation of documentation
  • Assistance with work permit approval procedures



  • Official certification
  • Certificate of Conformity
  • Declaration of conformity
  • Residence report
  • Business registration, logoff and conversion
  • ID collection

Automotive services

  • TÜV renewal
  • Tire change
  • Car registration, cancellation and re-registration
  • Car service check

Delivery services

  • Packages
  • Cleaning

andaswo Estate Agency Services

  • Sales of houses, apartments and property
  • Rental of houses and apartments
  • All-Round sales services including notary appointments, process and documentation